Westchester StairLift

Zakiyyah Sulaiman-Cooper -Mt Vernon

Freedom restored


My dad is fiercely independent but recently admitted he was “having difficulties getting around the house”. I suggested a stairlift and he initially resisted the idea. I decided to research companies inspite of his protest and I came across Westchester Stairlift.
The ratings said it all so I reached out and was contacted promptly by John and scheduled the estimate. Jim came out and provided all of the information I needed and I made the commitment to move ahead with installing the lift on the spot.
The process was seamless! Daren called ahead to let me know he was coming. My husband and I were impressed by his professionalism and he worked efficiently.
Sorry for the long review but the best part of it all is when my father tried the Stairlift and I heard him say “I love it”!
Thank you!

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