Westchester StairLift

Terms and Conditions


  1. Westchester Stairlift LLC agrees to deliver and install equipment in good working condition.
  2. A representative of Westchester Stairlift LLC will instruct the user and/or caregiver on the operation of the lift and explain pertinent information needed for normal use.  The user and/or caregiver acknowledges that all instructions and procedures on the checklist have been thoroughly explained and understood.
  3. Westchester Stairlift LLC will provide estimated time frames for installations and service and will strive to meet these timeframes but cannot be held responsible if they are changed for any reason.
  4. Westchester Stairlift LLC retains ownership of all rented equipment and of all purchased equipment until it has been paid for in full.
  5. The customer accepts the manufacturer’s warranty terms for a purchased new lift – provided separately. No other warranty is provided.
  6. The customer certifies they have obtained any required rights, approval or permits needed for Westchester Stairlift LLC to install a lift in their location.  The customer shall not assign this contract to any third party. Any such assignment shall be void.
  7. The customer understands that the installation of a stairlift will cause holes in the steps and stairway area. Westchester Stairlift LLC is not responsible for any holes, cracks or damage caused to any surface.
  8. Westchester Stairlift LLC will respond to service issues as promptly as possible but cannot commit to a specific response time. If a scheduled service visit cannot be performed due to the customer’s fault Westchester Stairlift LLC reserves the right to charge its standard service fee.
  9. Based on New York State Law, with the exception of an emergency that requires the immediate start of a project, the consumer (customer) has the right to cancel a home improvement contract until midnight of the third business day after the contract was transacted without prejudice to the customer. The customer must provide the contractor (Westchester Stairlift LLC) with a written cancellation notice. The Contractor then will have 10 days to refund any payments already made.
  10. It is Westchester Stairlift LLC policy that (after the 3 day period discussed in item 9) if the customer cancels an order of a standard product prior to the scheduled install date or a special/custom order prior to shipping, Westchester Stairlift may, at their discretion, partially refund the deposit for costs they have not already incurred. For a standard product cancelled on the scheduled install date or for a special/custom ordered product canceled after it has been shipped by the manufacture the full contract price will be due.
  11. Final payment is always required at time of installation of a lift or the performance of any service. Westchester Stairlift LLC reserves the right to add 1.5% monthly interest charge to any amounts more than 30 days past due. The customer will also be responsible for any costs associated with collecting any past due amounts.
  12. The customer agrees to hold harmless Westchester Stairlift LLC and their staff, and suppliers against any primary or secondary claims and contingencies related to the lift or services performed by Westchester Stairlift LLC.
  13. These terms and conditions, together with our signed (or accepted) order form (or proposal contract) and the manufacture’s warranty constitute the entire agreement between Westchester Stairlift LLC and the customer.

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