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Bruno Connect home elevators offer an elegant design that beautifully blends into your home. The home elevator easily transports users between floors with safety and comfort. 500 Lb Lift Capacity

There are three models to best fit your home, space and family member’s needs

Compact (1 Person)

Classic (2 persons)

XL (Wheelchair space)

How It Works

It takes up almost no space when raised. No shaft way is required. The ceiling opening is always covered by the elevator or an integrated platform.

Home Elevator | Options

Extra Handrail

Handrail Controls

Fold-Down Seat

Power-Open Door

Home Elevator | FAQ

How Much Does a Home Elevator Cost?

The cost of a home elevator will vary depending on the home construction as well as the model and options selected. Installing Home Elevators typically starts at $35,000. Westchester Stairlift LLC will provide a free-of-charge quote based on the specific needs of your home and the family members who will use it. Westchester Stairlift LLC will also arrange for the contractor (to open the ceiling), the electrician and the refinishing work.  A home elevator adds real value to your home, often more than the cost of installation.

Where can a Bruno Connect Home Elevator be Located?

An elevator can be fitted in many spaces in your home. From a living room corner, den or foyer to a bedroom or hallway.  A wall is not needed because a Bruno Connect elevator uses a freestanding rail system. Nearly any home can be retrofit at any time with a Bruno Connect home elevator.

What Is the Weight Capacity of a Bruno Connect Elevator?

All Bruno Connect elevators – the Compact, Classic and XL — have a 500lb weight capacity.  It can easily handle two people.

Will the Home Elevator Work in a Power Outage?

A regular household 110v outlet powers a Bruno Connect home elevator. If there is an electrical outage in your home the battery-back up will allow the lift to lower.

How Long does it take to Install a Connect Classic Home Elevator?

Home elevator site preparation often requires less than two days, in addition to another two days to install the elevator. This means people can enjoy their new elevator in just a few weeks!

What Are the Dimensions of the elevator Cab?

There are three models:
– A Bruno Connect Classic can fit two riders within its cab footprint of 33.5” x 29.5”
The Bruno Connect Compact, intended for one rider, takes up a space-saving 21.25” x 29.50”
– Bruno Connect XL is large enough for two people (one in a small wheelchair). The footprint is 33.5” x 49.25” 

With no shaft way required it takes up a fraction of the space of a traditional elevator.

Are Bruno Connect Home Elevators Quiet?

Thanks to quality materials and innovative engineering, Bruno Connect home elevators are extremely quiet. From top to bottom, you will enjoy a smooth and nearly soundless ride.

What are Safety Features in the Bruno Connect Home Elevator?

An “interlock door system” prevents the elevator from moving if the doors are not properly closed and secured. It comes with a with child lock out feature. Sensitive panels stop the lift if it hits an obstruction. In addition, Bruno Connect elevators come standard with an emergency phone in the cab.

Bruno Connect Advantages Over Other Brands​

Open 7 days a Week
Including Weekends and Holidays

You will talk to a team member (not an answering service).


We can answer your questions on timing, pricing, the general process, and specific stairway or user concerns.


We can also arrange a no obligation / no pressure visit if you would like