Westchester StairLift

Covid Policy


We Understand:
– With the constantly changing situation regarding both the virus and medical knowledge on how it spreads we must constantly review and update our policies.
– Individuals have various perspectives on appropriate safety measures. This is reflected by different mask use as well as the fact that over 30% of the country (including many in the health care industry) have not become vaccinated
– Since our company supports many health compromised individuals, we have an obligation to be extra diligent and fully transparent in our policies.

– The below lists our current policies. These will change as the COVID situation and government recommendations change (call us or check our web site for any changes)

1) For customers who do not want any outside contact we will make every effort to do a virtual sales call and conduct an installation or service with the minimal possible customer contact. Call us to discuss.

2) We will not be able to visit a home where a customer has covid (we ask that we be informed) We need to protect ourselves and the next customer we visit.

3) Sales visits can result in long periods of customer interaction. Therefore, any sales individual coming to a customer home will wear a medically approved mask during the entire visit if the family indicates that is their preference. Please let the salesperson know or let us know your preference on your original call to us.  

4) Service and installation visits require much less direct customer interaction however, service/installation technician will wear a mask if requested by the customer. Please let us know. Due to the heavy labor involved for some jobs there may be short periods they need to remove their mask during the actual installation process. If you, as a customer, are uncomfortable with that please let us know and this person will go outside the home for such a period.

5) All WSL staff are fully vaccinated (with a single exception for personal medical reasons) This individual will be regularly tested. If you, as a customer, are uncomfortable with that please let us know and this person will not be scheduled to visit your home.

6) Any staff who in any way feels ill or has any temperature will not enter a customer home. If this results in a last-minute cancellation, we will work hard to reschedule this promptly.

Call us to discuss any aspect of this. We all understand that any interaction during these times involves some covid related risk to all of us, but we will work to make you feel as comfortable and as safe as possible.