VPL Residential

Residential Wheelchair lift

Vertical Platform Lift

Sometimes called a porch lift, Bruno’s rugged and reliable wheelchair lift is a residential lift that provides efficient access to a raised deck, porch, or even floor to floor access inside your home. Designed and built by Bruno’s master craftsmen, a Vertical Platform Lift offers safe, dependable service that reflects the unit’s simplicity of design and operation.

  • These lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • They can go from an 11-inch rise to 14 feet (one full story)
  • Each lift will be configured to fit the site so that the tower and door swing directions match the requirements of the space.
  • The lifts that go up to 6 feet can be operated by a battery (DC) or by direct electrical connection (AC)
  • Taller lifts over 6 feet are all battery operated.
Standard Features
  • 750 lb (340 kg) lifting capacity
  • 36″ x 48″ (914 mm x 1219 mm) non-skid platform
  • Automatic folding ramp
  • Weather-resistant, powder-coated finish
  • All-weather protected controls and switches
  • Bottom platform safety panel
  • 42″ (1067 mm) high, solid, side platform walls
  • Top & bottom limit switches & final limit safety switch
  • Keyed controls on platform with emergency stop switch
  • Dual V-belt driven Acme screw with backup safety nut

Available Options
  • Top landing gate includes call/send controls with key and mechanical interlock OR an integrated flush mounted door
  • A Cold Weather Package tested to improve performance to -20º F
  • Various platform sizes  
  • 90-degree exit options 
  • Platform Gate – provides a full 42” high barrier for added security
  • Manual hand crank lowering provided via top cap
  • Full Enclosure package
  • Push button or Paddle Controls
  • Telephone Kit Option

Platform Gate

Recommended for all unenclosed applications.

Power Assisted

Power assisted door/gate operator

Flush Mount Door

Flush mount doors with interlock

Landing Call Send Station

Paddle Landing Controls

Paddle Landing Controls

Phone Kit

Telephone supplied by dealer or customer.

Top Landing Gate

Top landing gate includes call/send controls with key and mechanical interlock or electrical strike interlock (ESI)

Platform Gate Operator

Stationary Ramp

Basic Pre-install Setup Requirements
  • These VPLs must be set up on a level cement covered area
  • Minimum space needed is typically about 4 feet wide times 7 feet deep
  • Modifications are often required for the porch or door opening
  • A new electric line sometimes needs to be run
Available Models
  1. Models VPL-3153 & VPL-3175 1 hp AC motor
  2. Models VPL-3153B & VPL-3175B 1/2 hp DC motor (includes 17AH batteries)
  3. Models VPL-3210B, VPL-3212B & VPL-3214B 1 hp DC motor (includes 34AH batteries)

Bruno Residential VPL