Commercial Lifts

Stairlifts for Commercial Buildings
or Public Spaces

Commercial stairlifts and lifts for Public Spaces (like Churches. Temples, Community Centers, VA Centers etc.) Lifts on stairways for use by the general public or members of a business or organization (not residential areas) usually require a number of additional features. These include:

  • A 400 pound weight capacity (versus the standard 275 to 300 pounds for residential lifts)
  • An over speed brake system
  • The ability to lock the lift when not in use
  • A certification that this lift has been approved for commercial use

The indoor Bruno Elite straight and Bruno Elite curved lifts both have versions that meet these additional requirements. A commercial lift otherwise appears and operates similarly to the residential versions. (You can see more photos and videos of these lifts on the pages for the residential version.) Some commercial locations also require permits for the installation of these lifts as well as periodic inspections. Please call us to discuss your situation 914 709 5438