VPL Commercial

Commercial VPLs for Public Spaces

Vertical Platform Lifts

These wheelchair lifts come in a larger variety of configurations to match your space as well as the different code requirements of each municipality.

  • Enclosed
  • Unenclosed
  • Inside a shaftway
  • With Automatic gate openers
  • Three gate options (also called toe guard)
  • Rises from 1 foot to 14 feet
  • Indoors or outdoors


Enclosure Wheelchair Lift

3 Gate Wheelchair Lift

Unenclosed Wheelchair Lift

Shaftway Hoistway Wheelchair Lift

We’re Happy to Provide the Following Services:

In Addition to Ordering / Installing the VPL

  • Consultation on the process, lift selection and configuration design
  • Provide detail specification and engineering drawings
  • Work with your architect, contractor or building department
  • Arrange or assist (if required) the filing and permit process
  • Order and supervise any needed post installation elevator inspection process
  • Perform annual maintenance
  • Arrange annual inspections
Available Models:
  1. VPL-3353B & VPL-3375B 1/2 hp DC motor (includes 17AH batteries)
  2. VPL-3310B, VPL-3312B & VPL-3314B 1 hp DC motor (includes 34AH batteries)

Bruno Commercial VPL (No Audio)

For a commercial VPL consultation, call us at 914-709-5438 and ask for Martin or Jonathan.