The ELAN 3000  - A straight lift of excellent quality and value
The ELITE 2010   - The finest straight lift on the market
The Elite Curved  - A lift for stairways with landings or curves
Outdoor Elite Lift      - Weatherproofed and covered
Outdoor Curved - For outdoor access on complex stairways
Vertical Platform Lifts - Indoor our outdoor options to lift wheelchairs
or scooters to another level

All lifts are the highest quality, battery driven (to allow use during
power outages) and supported by the best warranty in the business

We focus on U.S. made Bruno lifts, but are also authorized dealers for
other brands that may best fit your needs in certain circumstances:
- Precision / Hawle / Handicare - curved lifts
- Acorn & Brooks - British stairlifts
- Savaria - Canadian stairlifts, and VPLs
With superior styling and  
craftsmanship, the  Elite
(Model SRE-2010) offers the
finest in ultra-compact design
and performance.  A home
chair lift that reflects the taste
and sophistication of the
most elegant homes.
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Bruno ElectraRide Elite 2010 Stair lift
Bruno Electra Ride III CRE Curved 2110 chair lift
Bruno VPL Vertical Platform Lift
We offer 6 Bruno models
that meet virtually every need
at every price range

Available in the New York, New Jersey
Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT)
Bruno Elite Outdoor stair lifts
The new (2013) Outdoor
curved lift has been
specifically designed for
exterior use, providing you
with the same quality,
comfort and convenience
available in Bruno's
complete line of straight
rail and curved rail stairlifts.
Every custom curved
stairlift is crafted to exact
specifications of your
stairway.  With a safe and
durable design, Bruno
Elite Curve – Custom
Curve Rail Stairlift can be
installed on virtually all
curved stairways, with the
flexibility of mounting on
either side of the
The same quality and
comfort found in any Bruno
home stair lift. The Elite
Outdoor stairlift provides
innumerable uses – from
your front door to the
sidewalk.  This outdoor stair
lift offers unique mobility.  
Only a home stair lift
designed like this one can
extend your independence
safely and securely outside
your home.
Designed and built by
Bruno’s master artisans, a
Vertical Platform Lift offers
safe and dependable
service.  An affordable
solution for individuals and
caregivers who need
assisted access to a porch,
Bruno’s VPLs adhere to our
commitment to quality while
delivering another category
of solutions “for your
Updated 2017
Bruno Elan SRE 3000 Stairlift
A home stairlift with features
usually associated with
top-of-the-line models, our ELAN
3000 keeps stair lift prices in line
and on track.  Going upstairs
and down has never been so
effortless and inexpensive. Newly
designed and upgraded in 2017.

We also
other lifts  
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Westchester Stairlift LLC   914 709 5438   -   Providing sales, installation and service for all Bruno stair lifts in the New York Tri-State Region  

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